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Company Advantage 
Company Advantage
Complete range 
Proficient in the development, design, processing and manufacture of high-precision micro-bearings of various models, processes and materials 
Personalized customization 
Accept customization of non-standard dimensions, special materials and special processes of various types of high precision bearings 
Extensive marketing 
Closely cooperate with many large and high-end enterprises, and the products are exported to overseas markets.
Quality assurance 
The product has been certified by the national quality system, and the product has been tested with multiple precision in each process.
Professional team 
Have a professional team to design, locate and test products, and have perfect after-sales service
About FangSheng 
About FangSheng
Jiangsu brilliant Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional development, design, production and sales enterprise of high precision micro dental mobile phone bearings. The company is located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, and the registered capital of the company is more than ten million yuan. The company has all kinds of advanced precision bearing production equipment and testing instruments to meet the requirements of various customers for bearing quality. At the same time, we have a professional sales team and technical team, which can cooperate with various types of customers and develop and design all kinds of bearings according to their use requirements, so as to meet customer's product use needs and achieve common growth with customers. Objective. The company's products have passed the national quality system ISO 9001 certification, all products use high-quality materials, and ensure that the accuracy is above P4, the normal service life can reach more than 6 months. Bright Seiko, excellent quality, we do our best to create a perfect bearing, every product of the company can withstand any test, every product has quality tracking code, all products of the company have more than three anti-counterfeiting, in order to make customers more at ease to use. High quality dental mobile phone bearings we are more professional 
Create high-quality bearings for dental mobile phones and pursue high-quality products and services 
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